How do I play?

It’s easy. Go to the predict page, rank your top five candidates, and click the “Vote” button.

How often can I vote?

You can vote as often as you want. In fact, we encourage you to vote again if the Vatican chimney bellows black smoke, signaling another round of voting will be needed.

Is there a prize?

No. You don’t pay anything to play, and we won’t pay anything if you win. But, we will post on our site the names of all of the people who correctly predicted the next Pope. This prediction market is for bragging rights only.

How is Pope selected?

A Pope is selected by a Conclave. A conclave is a gathering of all the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic. It meets only when there is a vacancy in the episcopacy of the Bishop of Rome (that’s a fancy title for “Pope”). The Cardinals gather at the Sistine Chapel. Cardinals—about 140 of them will gather for a secret vote—no phones, twitter or carrier pigeons—and four times a day, they will pray, discuss and cast their vote the the next Holy Father. Once one of the candidates has ⅔ of the vote…well then we have a new Holy Father! 

Check out this helpful video.


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