Welcome to FantasyPope.com.  FantasyPope is a prediction market that taps into the wisdom of the crowds to forecast who will be the next PopeBy ranking the top five candidates, FantasyPope will track in real time the movements and trends during the conclave.

FantasyPope was created by Josh Blackman, a law professor, author, and speaker in Houston, Texas. Josh is the President of the Harlan Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching students about the Constitution. Josh is also the creator of FantasySCOTUS.net, the most popular Fantasy League for the United States Supreme Court. With over 15,000 members,FantasySCOTUS.net has a proven track record of accurately forecasting Supreme Court casesFantasySCOTUS.net accurately predicted who thePresident would appoint to the Supreme Court in 2010.

FantasyPope is co-sponsored by the Center for Morality in Public Life. The Center for Morality in Public Life puts the pursuit of wisdom in service to right living and human flourishing—Prudentiam Sapientia Servientes. The Center for Morality in Public Life, under the leadership of President Andrew M. Haines and Content Director Mattias Caro, publishes the journal Ethikia Politika.




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