NameMarc Ouellet

Date of Birth: 6/8/1944

Place of Birth: Quebec, Canada

Current Position: Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops

Current Location: Rome

Pro: Vatican insider, with strong pastoral experience, including working with the emerging church in Latin America; considered a strong intellect, from the line of the Communio thinkers (Ratzinger and Hans urs Von Balthasar among them). A seasoned politician and diplomat.

Con: Canadian—chosing a non-Latin American English speaker from the Americas is “too risky” a move for European cardinals. An “outside” insider that may be perceived as “too outside” by the insiders of the Vatian to affect real change and “too inside” by the outsiders of the Vatican to make a difference; No one can pronounce his family name correctly. First papal bull would likely condemn Catholics for singing the “Blame Canada” song.

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