NameLuis Antonio Tagle

Date of Birth: 6/21/1957

Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines

Current Position: Archbishop of Manila

Current Location: Philippines

Pro: Young and charismatic, reminds many of a certain Polish pope; dynamic leader who is the head of one of the largest catholic populations in the world; perceived as knowing how to dialogue with the modern world. Is ethnically Chinese, which makes him a bridge to the largest population int he world.

Con: Way too young and way too similar to a certain Polish pope; his youth works against him. Many cardinals not ready to hand the keys of Peter over to another long-reigning pontiff. Italians will be confused by his last name thinking that they are ordering pasta, not voting for a pope. But Italians getting confused—smoke in the room, stuffy, hungry—is this really surprising?

Vote for Abp. Luis Antonio Tagle.

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