Perhaps the next Pope will be a unknown?

Abp. Odilo Pedro Scherer

Name: Odilo Pedro Scherer Date of Birth: 9/21/1949 Place of Birth: Cerro Largo, Brazil Current Position: Archbishop of Sao Paolo Current Location: Brazil Pro: German sensibilities with Brazilian flair. Has held numerous academic and pastoral positions, including as the head of several seminaries. He also spent time in Rome as head of the Congregation for Bishops. He leads one of the […]

Abp. Óscar Maradiaga

Name: Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga Date of Birth: 12/29/1942 Place of Birth: Tegucigalpa, Hounduras Current Position: Archbishop of Tegucigalpa Current Location: Hondouras Pro: Renaissance man holding degrees in Theology and Psychology and having taught physics, chemistry and music throughout Latin America. Has worked in Latin America with a true heart for the poor. Has been a critical voice against the elites in the […]

Pref. Raymond Burke

Name: Raymond Burke Date of Birth: 6/30/1948 Place of Birth: Wisconsin, USA Current Position: Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura Current Location: Rome Pro: From principal of his local catholic high school to chief justice of the highest court in cannon law; a measured intellect that knows how to apply both justice and mercy to any difficult situation; has sounded a strong […]

Abp. John Onaiyekan

Name: John Onaiyekan Date of Birth: 1/29/1944 Place of Birth: Kabba, Nigeria Current Position: Archbishop of Abuja Current Location: Abuja Pro: Has held a wide variety of positions, from pastoral to academic to curial; calm voice who is known as a reconciler and healer; understands both the developed and developing worlds. Has been involved as a mediator and observer in numerous […]

Pref. Leonardo Sandri

Name: Leonardo Sandri Date of Birth: 11/18/1943 Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina Current Position: Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches Current Location: Rome Pro: Highly educated; has spent his entire priestly career in Rome, working first with the diplomatic core and later in various executive leadership positions. A true Vatican insider. Holds a regular dialogue with the Eastern […]

Pres. Peter Turkson

Name: Peter Turkson Date of Birth: 10/11/1948 Place of Birth: Wassaw Nsuta, Ghana Current Position: President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace Current Location: Rome Pro: The fourth of ten children, has a family background that includes a methodist minister and a muslim uncle; has worked in multiple challenging fields, including as a peace meadiator in the Ivory Coast. […]

Pres. Gianfranco Ravasi

Name: Gianfranco Ravasi Date of Birth: 10/18/1942 Place of Birth: Lecco, Italy Current Position: President of the Pontifical Council for Culture Current Location: Rome Pro: Deeply spiritual man, who has the strongest “pulpit” during the conclave, preaching the retreat to the papal household, which most of the voting cardinals will be attending; Strong believer in engaging all people of good-will, believer […]

Abp. Angelo Scola

Name: Angelo Scola Date of Birth: 11/7/1941 Place of Birth: Lombardy, Italy Current Position: Archbishop of Milan Current Location: Italy Pro: Heavy-weight among the Italian cardinals—is thought to have the strongest and clearest voice amongst this most influential of voting blocs. Comes from the same Communio (a theological school of thought) background as Benedict; Has conducted a strong dialogue with the […]

Abp. Luis Antonio Tagle

Name: Luis Antonio Tagle Date of Birth: 6/21/1957 Place of Birth: Manila, Philippines Current Position: Archbishop of Manila Current Location: Philippines Pro: Young and charismatic, reminds many of a certain Polish pope; dynamic leader who is the head of one of the largest catholic populations in the world; perceived as knowing how to dialogue with the modern world. Is ethnically Chinese, […]

Abp. Malcolm Ranjith

Name: Malcolm Ranjith Date of Birth: 11/15/1947 Place of Birth: Polgahawela, Sri Lanka Current Position: Archbishop of Colombo Current Location: Sri Lanka Pro: Has the resume: educated at the top Roman schools, has worked throughout the Vatican diplomatic core, and has held top post in Rome; likely everyone’s second or third choice, which might make him the first choice Con: Too young […]

Abp. George Pell

Name: George Pell Date of Birth: 6/8/1941 Place of Birth: Victoria, Australia Current Position: Archbishop of Sydney Current Location: Sydney Pro: A “thinking man’s” bishop—is willing to engage intellectualy on a whole host of issues; a known crowd pleaser and quite charismatic; has a “pastoral style” that holds various factions in tension while still moving forward; would be tallest pope ever […]

Abp. Timothy Dolan

Name: Timothy Dolan Date of Birth: 2/6/1950 Place of Birth: Missouri, USA Current Position: Archbishop of New York Current Location: New York Pro: Archbishop of the largest media market in the United States; has taken a leading voice in reasserting Catholic presence in the public square. A Smart and likable man, who is perceived as a problem solver. American sensibilities with […]

Dean Angelo Sodano

Name: Angelo Sodano Date of Birth: 11/23/1927 Place of Birth: Ostia, Italy Current Position: Dean of the College of Cardinals Current Location: Rome Pro: The last Dean of the College of Cardinals was elected Pope. Could clean up the Vatican because he knows where “all the bodies are buried”. The ultimate “insider” who at one point was the subject of several […]

Pref. Marc Ouellet

Name: Marc Ouellet Date of Birth: 6/8/1944 Place of Birth: Quebec, Canada Current Position: Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops Current Location: Rome Pro: Vatican insider, with strong pastoral experience, including working with the emerging church in Latin America; considered a strong intellect, from the line of the Communio thinkers (Ratzinger and Hans urs Von Balthasar among them). A seasoned politician […]

Abp. Christoph Schönborn

Name: Christoph Schönborn Date of Birth: 1/22/1945 Place of Birth: Bohemia (Czech Republic) Current Position: Archbishop of Vienna Current Location: Vienna, Austria Pro: Close Confidant of last two popes; strong experience working dialogue with the Russian Orthodox Church; Assisted in writing the Catechism of the Catholic Church Con: Perceived as not a “team player” by the Italian Cardinals; Has had […]

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